HL9.7 – 476 SF (44m2)

  • This gallery is being offered for ShareTime ™ whereby an associate member can take the space for a few weeks or a few months, to establish an easy presence in New York. Call +1-646-737-9731 for information on sharing this space.

    Width – 16′ 11″

    Length – 28′ 2″

    Ceilings – 13′ 0″

    Art Wall – 14′ 2″

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  • This space is available for ShareTime™. 


    Take this space for a few weeks or a few months.

    Pay no electric charges, no taxes, no extras at all.

    Why pay for 4 days at an art fair among world-class galleries

    when you can have 4 weeks or more for a fraction of the cost?

    Please call +1-646-737-9731 for more information.