The High Line Nine Galleria

Exclusive Gallery Memberships Coming May 1st 2018

Nine fully built spaces with an exclusive membership offer that could change the way art is shown and sold.

More than a lease, this unique offering is the ideal solution for international and domestic gallerists who want a street level location in West Chelsea with built in vibrancy and traffic and without the hassle of maintaining a conventional gallery space. Amenities such as an on-site wine bar/café with catering kitchen, skylights in every space, high ceilings, close proximity to the High Line entry, and gallery sharing with members’ associates are among several benefits included with High Line Nine membership.

Designed by Markus Dochantschi and Studio MDA

  • West 28th Street side – Wine Bar / Café and HL9.9

    West 27th Street side –  HL9.1 and HL9.2

    All-Inclusive Amenities with Membership:

    • Destination marketing and PR for members
    • No construction charges – delivered fully-built
    • No utility charges – utilities are included
    • No Real Estate taxes charged- taxes are included
    • No cleaning and rubbish removal charges – included
    • No HVAC installation and maintenance charges – included
    • Security cameras with app to remotely monitor the spaces
    • On-site café and wine bar with outdoor seating
    • Full-service catering kitchen
    • Luxury concierge is available to all members
    • Flexible subletting terms to members’ associates
    • Complimentary membership in Dog City
  • The High Line Nine Galleria – West 27th to West 28th Streets

    Interior of HL9.2

    Space Specifications:

      • Adjacent to “520 West 28th by Zaha Hadid”
      • Nine unique, new, ground-floor boutique galleries
      • Sized from 453 SF (42.1 m2) to 1,232 SF (114.5 m2)
      • Built in the style of European gallerias
      • Abundant natural light with skylights in every space
      • 12’0” to 13’7” ceilings with 14’9″ to 22’2″ skylit artwalls
      • Designed by Markus Dochantschi Studio MDA
      • Sponsored by Related Companies
      • Adjacent to the West 28th Street High Line Entry
      • Connects West 27th to West 28th Streets
      • Ability to add office & storage with pre-membership
      • Expected delivery in April 2018
  • The High Line Nine Galleria is a 21st-century response to the 21st-century challenges faced by galleries with the proliferation of art fairs (and the expensive concomitant need to participate), the migration of customers away from gallery districts to the art fairs, and the growth of on-line sales.

    According to the “Art Market | 2017” report by Art Basel & UBS, on-line sales account for 8%, and art fairs another 41% of total sales, up from previous years and continuing to trend upward in the future. The High Line Nine Galleria aims to balance that by bringing collectors back to the districts and by offering inventory-specific technology in the physical spaces.

    PR and Marketing, aimed specifically at getting collectors and buyers to the galleries, as well as many other all-inclusive amenities come with membership.